Watch Repair



At our shop, we can handle a lot of your watch repair needs on site:

We supply & install watch batteries, add & remove watch links, provide new watch pins, sell & install replacement watch straps, and adjust clasps… and most of those services can even be done while you wait! We are also able to clean and refinish many timepieces for you.

If you are need of more complicated watch repairs — such as broken crystals and movement overhauls — we can usually assist you with those, as well. However, those more extensive repairs do tend to require the timepiece(s) be sent out for service. We are authorized dealers of various watch brands; we also have established relationships with various watch repair centers and qualified watchmakers around the country. We will always do our best to take care of you and keep you running on time!

*We have Certified Watchmakers at our disposal who work especially with Rolex watches to handle these specific watch repairs. So, you can rest assured that your work will be done properly. They have CW21 certification and use genuine Rolex parts.