Sometimes people confuse the term "appraisal" ...

If you have something to sell, what you are needing is an evaluation of your item(s) for purchase. We buy loose diamonds, scrap gold/silver/platinum, pre-owned timepieces and estate jewelry just about every day. And we offer FREE EVALUATIONS to those hoping to earn money for their jewelry and/or watches. Click here for more information: Selling Gold, Jewelry, & Diamonds.

Our buyers can usually evaluate your item(s) while you wait; and, if we are interested and able to reach an agreement, our store will purchase your Bozeman jewelry right there & then & pay you on the spot! You may choose to receive compensation via check or store credit. Some paperwork and a valid form of government-issued ID is required for this transaction.

This is the most common type of appraisal work that we do. Insurance agencies often require valuables (such as jewelry!) to be individually appraised for replacement value, in case of loss or theft.

Our graduate gemologists are available to evaluate your piece(s) and complete an appraisal for your insurance provider or legal needs. Each item is carefully examined, photographed and quoted at the value that a similar piece would cost at the current retail market's standards; a detailed description is also typed up for each piece. Typically, our staff will check your item/items in and complete the appraisal over the course of about a week's time.

Your valuables are, of course, kept in our safe during the duration of time they are in our care.

Our fee is based on the time it takes to perform the appraisal service and billed out at a rate of $120 per hour.




In certain instances, the fair market values of jewelry is actually needed: this is often the case when it comes to legal issues such as inheritance, divorce, bankruptcy, or if a family is attempting to divide an estate. We can evaluate your previous jewelry, diamonds, and timepieces and provide current cash values for the assets. Again, our fee for this service is simply a matter of the time involved. If the family later decides to sell us the items, we typically refund the amount paid.


If you are a legal firm in need of our services, please call our offices to discuss your particular situation. We have worked with many estate planners and family lawyers over the years.