Michele is a watch line for bold and adventurous women. If you're into fashion and sparkle, then you should check these watches out because Michele is a fabulously fun line that is most known for its interchangeable straps. They have an enormous catalog of watch straps -- in all sorts of fabrics and colors -- that are constantly evolving, in accordance with international fashion trends. The straps & bracelets can be installed easily by the wearer, so you do not have to visit us or any other jeweler in order to swap them out. It's a beautiful system and a wonderful way to change the look of your timepiece whenever your heart desires!

Michele's history is short, having only begun as a brand in the 1995. The brand was founded by Jack Barough, the son of a Belgian watchmaker. Jack named the company in honor of his daughter, Michele, who is currently the creative director and guiding visionary of the company. With roots in South Florida and Latin America, the Michele brand celebrates the Art Deco vibe of Miami through diamonds, natural mother-of-pearl dials, and the vibrant colors of its interchangeable straps.

As authorized dealers of the watch brand, we keep a fine collection of these Swiss timepieces in our cases at all times, along with dozens of loose straps for you to purchase. Of course, we can place special orders for any Michele timepiece on your behalf, as well. You can look through the entire line at Michele's official webpage for America: http://www.michele.com/en_US/shop/michele-watches.html. *Miller's Jewelry is proud to tout itself as Michele's ONLY Authorized Dealer in all of Montana.*