WE BUY! (Gold, Diamond, & Estate Buying)

pearl-cameo-compilation-taken-july-2015Miller’s Jewelry is always looking for pre-owned jewelry, watches, diamonds, and precious metals. We purchase all gold, platinum, silver, and palladium jewelry based on the current market values each day. It is common for people to have old, broken, or simply unwanted jewelry. Do you have things your’re not wearing anymore? People often inherit items that are not their taste or style. We can turn those things into actual cash money, which is often much more useful. We buy everything from auction-quality items to scrap gold.

***FREE EVALUATIONS are available***

Our buyers can usually evaluate your item(s) while you wait; and, if we are interested and able to reach an agreement, our store will purchase your jewelry right there & then & pay you on the spot! You may choose to receive compensation via check or store credit. Some paperwork and a valid form of government-issued ID is required for this transaction.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our buyers, please call 406-586-9547.

Current Spot Gold & Silver Prices

(from Kitco.com)

Kitco: 24hr Spot Gold

Kitco: 24hr Spot Silver